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Collecting my behavior-based RobotC code in one place

 about-48x48Currently, All code attached to the robot articles and is self-contained (the framework, behaviors, sensor drivers, etc… in one zip file) .  I think this makes the most sense for each robot so people can download all they need in one shot, but I wonder if I should create a pool of code that accumulates the latest versions of the framework and each behavior I created so people can download one or more files as samples to build upon or create their own arrangement.  What do you think?

The tricky part of putting each file online is the framework is being changed as I go, so keeping everything in sync may be a chore.

For instance, this week I made a change to the timer macros that allow a programmer to create and name multiple timers within a behavior.  That means previous code will not function (if you over-wrote the framework file) until you update behaviors to name the timer in the following functions.

CreateTimer(); ---> CreateTimer(timerName);
StartTimer(); ---> StartTimer(timerName);
TimesUp(time); ---> TimesUp (timerName, expirationTime);

  1. July 1, 2009 at 10:29 am

    I think a changelog would go a long way to helping people figure out how and what they need to update in their code to make use of the new code. Put all the changes in a single file in the root of the zip file. I think keeping the whole thing together is the best way to go for now.

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