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AreaRover III – Video

Sorry this video took so long to post.  Some time in the past two weeks, my microphone/Windows 7 combination started acting up.  The voice was recorded choppy and awful.  I sounds like two drivers are competing for control of the microphone processing, but I can’t tell for sure.  I guess those are the breaks with release candidate software…

Any way, here is the missing video.

It shows the robot trying to move about in my arena.  The first part shows AreaRover bouncing off the walls and failing to enter the second chamber because the door is not very large.  Eventually, the robot would make it into the room, but we like efficiency.

By adding wall following to the behaviors, the robot is able to follow a wall around the corner and into the 2nd chamber very easily.  I experimented with using the Ultrasonic sensor to follow a wall on one side, and bumper collisions to follow the wall on the other side to add variety.  It just goes to show you that behaviors can be layered in a robust manner fairly easily.

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