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9735 Robotics Discovery Set

9735-Robotics Discovery Set While visiting the grandparents last weekend, I got a pleasant surprise.  It turns out the neighbor found an old Robotics Discovery Set in his storage and decided to donate it to me.  We were talking about robots over a year ago and somehow it clicked for him when cleaning and the set showed up that I might want it.  How cool is that.

My daughter is almost seven, so this is a good starter set for her to try out.  Ok, I think it is cool too.  After getting things working again (the case was loose and the battery kept loosing connection), I found out Lego implemented a pretty cool behavior-based set of tasks for the SCOUT robot.  You “program” the robot by selecting the desired behavior for the motors, touch sensors, and built-in light sensor.  There are many options, and different combinations yield different emergent behaviors from the robot.

I just played with the bug robot in book one, but you can make the robot move around in patterns, explore a room by bouncing off walls,  find light or dark, and other combinations that are cool.  The robot beeps and blips during the process and flashes indicator lights by the ports for forward, reverse, light sensor triggered, and each touch sensor triggered.  Lego should have carried the indicator lights forward with RCX and NXT.  There is also a light on the front that flashes as well.  I assume is is actually doing that for a reason, but I am not sure.



Movement (L/R motors) Touch (L/R switches) Light Sensor
<None> <None> <None>
Forward Reverse Seek Light
Zig-Zag Avoid Seek Dark
Circle Right Wait for Wait for
Circle Left Brake Brake
Loop A    
Loop B    
Loop AB    

Speed Setting (Length of time between moves)

Special Effects: (<None>, Bug, Alarm, ?, atomic)

You basically select which behavior is linked to each item (motors, touch sensors, and light sensor), determine if you want 1, 2, 3 circles (speed), and set the special effect behavior and press RUN.

Behavior Diagram


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