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My NXTCam v3 arrived last week!

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment


I started working on a new set of projects last week.  I have been dreaming about the Mindsensors NXTCam for a very long time and now I finally have one.  I thought I would kick this thread off by outlining some of the more obvious possibilities that are available when your robot is equipped with this FANTASTIC sensor!

I can’t wait to start building and programming.  Thank you Mindsensors!

  • Sorting objects by color
  • Finding a ball or balls and pursue it if it moves
  • Determine distance from a known object like a ball
  • Maintain a certain distance from an object
  • Use colored beacons for navigation around a room
  • Aim a turret at an object and track it side to side and up and down
  • Sequence by object color (Ex. find a red ball, then yellow ball, etc…)
  • Use the NXTCam as a range finder using a laser guide
  • Create a docking station and guide the robot in by “sight”
  • Follow a line, make decisions at markers, make decisions at forks and crossings

Many people have done some really cool things with the NXTCam too…  I will post some of the interesting stuff at a later date.

My first order of business is to try to understand how this sensor works and reviewing and extending a driver to make programming easier.  There is a lot of documentation to look at.  This sensor allows you to customize the firmware as well, but my initial review is that it might be best to leave that to the professionals.  We will see.

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