My Bookshelf

The following is a list of robotics books I refer to frequently.

A great reference guide to serious behavior-based robotics from a member of the iRobot Roomba team.
I use this book all of the time when working out mechanical problems.  This book has excellent how-to samples.  There is also a great section on robot math that is fantastic.
An early book about autonomous robotics programming with lejos.  The concepts are sound (even for RobotC people).
Joe Nagata’s Lego Mindstorms Idea Book: Joe Nagata: Books

ISBN: 1886411409
ISBN-13: 9781886411401

What can I say.  Joe has to be the most mechanically gifted individual out there.  His designs are really cool and fun to build.  I wish I had 1/2 of that creativity.
The first edition of this book is actually the one I own.  It was the first Mindstorms book I bought, and one of the best.  Dave Baum creates complete robot projects in this book that demonstrate some interesting robotic concepts.
Another of my early book purchases.  I think the original ideas for my behavior-based framework came from samples found in this book.
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