A robot designed to collect objects and deliver them to a home base.



PuckBot is a robot designed to move around a closed arena gathering Lego Mindstorms foam pucks and delivering them to home-base (a light source).

This robot is modeled after a behavior-based simulation implemented in a Java Applet called BSim that accompanied “Robot Programming – A Practical Guide to Behavior-Based Robotics” (see My BookShelf)  There were many challenges overcome in the robot design and some shortcuts.

PuckBot builds on the AreaBot as it moves around the arena searching for pucks.  The bumper was raised and a puck catch was placed under the bumper.  A legacy RCX light sensor was added pointing down to “see” pucks.  Two NXT light sensors were added to act as a differential light sensor.

  • The escape sequence was found to be generic, and moved to its own header file.
  • New sensor drivers were added to support the differential light sensor, and for a port where bumpers and down pointing light sensor share a connection.
  • New Homing techniques are implemented to find and move to a light source.

The programming seems to have been successful and the robot was successful in collection pucks.

Read more detailed articles to learn more about PuckBot: Here

Puckbot Experiments and Code

Version Description Download the Code
The first collector robot employs many behaviors and successfully find, and deliver pucks to the light source. bbPuckBot.zip
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