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Classes for virtual Sensors–Bumpers

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

As I rework the behavior-based robot framework, I am encountering other areas of code that could also use improvement.  In the case of some of my sensor wrappers, I am not even sure if I ever published them.  I sometimes create virtual sensors when a group of sensors is used for specialized purposes.  The robot programs are more readable and internal logic can be abstracted from the rest of the program making for an easier implementation.

Bumpers – An example of a virtual sensor

I have a tendency to use bumpers on the front of my robots for easy (bump and escape) navigation.  Over the years I have created a couple of code sets that treat the bumper as one sensor even if I use two or more physical sensors to create it.  This article shows why and how I created a class to hide the details of a “Front Bumper” implementation.

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Bumpers and Light – Combining Sensors into One Port

July 14, 2009 Leave a comment

TFR_20090713_0694_thumb.jpgSome of you may have noticed that my Collector Robot has more than two light sensors hanging off the sides…  There is an archaic bumper (design from the original Mindstorms 1.0 kit) and a legacy light sensor buried in the bumper.  There is also a couple of white arched technic pieces under the bumper.

I thought I would go into more detail on this design because the implementation was interesting.  This robot is designed to find and move Lego NXT pucks around.  It does not specifically search for pucks, but happens upon them because it is able to cover all areas of the arena.

Download the driver here: BumpLightCombo.h

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AreaRover III – Video

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Sorry this video took so long to post.  Some time in the past two weeks, my microphone/Windows 7 combination started acting up.  The voice was recorded choppy and awful.  I sounds like two drivers are competing for control of the microphone processing, but I can’t tell for sure.  I guess those are the breaks with release candidate software…

Any way, here is the missing video.

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