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Making Your Robot Talk–Custom Voices

April 15, 2011 Leave a comment

I was recently playing with the Lego Color sensor and decided to experiment with sound files to identify the colors it detected.  I don’t have the NXT 2.0 set (I am assuming it comes with sound files for each color), so I researched the internet for a solution.

I was looking for an application like “voice of sam” (I am dating myself) and found something cooler.  Several sites have voice synthesizers you can demo.  I found the Cepstral site the easiest to use and with the most options.

You basically type in the words you want to hear, select a voice, rate, pitch, and effect and it plays.  This site also lets you save your creation to a local drive.  Cool.  So I typed in the word for a color, selected some options and WOW.  Robot voices!  They even have effects like “Old Robot” and “Dizzy Droid” and “Liquid Love”.  Making the words/voices was so easy.  The hard part is finding the right settings from so many options.

Anyway, once you save your voices to the local drive, use Wav2RSO to convert the voices into NXT sound files.  I think the NXT 2.0 software has this built in.  You can find it here.

Now your robot can say anything you want.

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